Civilian Grave at Whitechurch Cemetery, Ballywalter

The grave of Leading Aircraftsman Stanislaw Denskowski who remained in Northern Ireland following the Second World War is located at Whitechurch Cemetery.

Stanislaw Denskowski

Leading Aircraftsman Stanislaw Denskowski who passed away on the 24th April 1978.

Little is known of LAC Denkowski’s time spent in the Polish Air Force in the United Kingdom. Denkowski was born on 4th June 1909, likely in Węgrzyce, Sandomierz, Poland.

Denkowski survived the war. Public records show that he was discharged from the PRC/RAF near the time it was disbanded in the UK on 22nd January 1949. A letter between Denkowski and Air Commodore K.N. Rice dating 2nd March 1949 was found in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, in which Denkowski had requested to join the ‘regular’ RAF after the disbandment of the Polish Air Force in the UK. He would have been 40 years old at the time of the request. It is unclear whether Denkowski was ever admitted. His discharge papers refer to him as a “reliable Airman of very good character, and of satisfactory, trade proficiency.”

Denkowski married a local woman and raised his children in Northern Ireland. It is known that he continued to live in Ballywalter, Co. Down until his death on 24th April 1978 and that family members have continued to reside in Northern Ireland since. He is buried in Whitechurch Cemetery in Ballywalter.

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